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    Final size of mailer - height and width in inches

    Would you like us to do the printing?

    What type of mailing - postcard, newsletter, invitation, trifold, other

    Are there staples in the piece?

    Does the piece need to be folded?

    How will postage be applied/paid? Permit indicia? Meter? Precanceled stamps? First-class stamps?

    Besides the address, is there any variable information to be printed on any of the pieces?

    If using an envelope, how many pieces will be inserted?

    Are you nonprofit or commercial?

    Do you need a list?

    Your company

    Your name

    Your phone number

    Your email

    Include any additional info here. Data work, printing, list acquisition, etc.


    Please submit this form as thoroughly as possible. Someone will respond to you with an estimate. Even if you are unsure of what your mailing will look like, call us and we will help you strategize.