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Do-Good Mailing – An Integrative Communication Services Business

We are a mailing service dedicated to helping small businesses and nonprofits use the postal system so that their mail is delivered quickly and at the lowest possible postage cost.

We believe in honesty, hard work, treating people fairly and providing the highest quality service available. In line with our values, we are a union shop.

The postal system is a complex and often maddening experience for those trying to navigate its waters. With more than 10 years in the business and thousands of mailings under our supervision, Do-Good has learned enough to be most helpful for those needing advice and service.

Privacy Policy: will never share, rent or sell customer data with any other entity. We promise to protect all data to the best of our ability.

Jeanne Anderson, St. Louis Park Class of 1975
Andy Pomroy, Minnesota House of Representatives DFL Caucus

Do-Good is hiring

Do-Good is hiring this spring!  We are looking to fill our Operations Manager Assistant position. This position has been specially designed to assist the Operations Manager and production staff in the operation of our production [...]

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Do-Good 2015 – 2016

     So now it is over. 2015 has passed us by and we are beginning the new adventure of 2016. Was 2015 a good year? That depends, of course, on your perspective. Every year contains [...]

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Spectacular One Time Savings of $5,000

It doesn't happen often but it happens. A job came to us that involved mailing out 3,000 chapbooks. These are books that are small enough to fit into a shirt or trouser pocket. They were [...]

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DoGood Makes Successful Move

WE ARE IN is now firmly planted in our new space at 1410 Energy Park Dr, Suite 9, Saint Paul, MN 55108. The move went as calmly and smoothly as we could have ever [...]

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Do-Good Is Moving!

After 9 years in one building, our company is on the move. In 2002, we started in the basement of a Northeast Minneapolis office building on Stinson Blvd, occupying a couple of rooms in the [...]

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The Importance of Being Ernest

Today's note is not about the Oscar Wilde play written in the last few years of the 19th century. It is a directive for you to pay close attention to your timelines for your print/mail [...]

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