So now it is over. 2015 has passed us by and we are beginning the new adventure of 2016. Was 2015 a good year? That depends, of course, on your perspective. Every year contains the events that bring us not only immense joy but also unfathomable sorrow. We can all point to them on both a personal and news-cycle level.
     Our business has always had an optimistic nature. Our name is both an imperative as well as a noun. We believe in the “good” and try to reflect the value of the good in the work we do every day, albeit that work is centered around mail communication.
     But we get to meet and work with many, many worthwhile groups that are working hard in their missions “to do the good.” That confirms for us that we are on the right track, that putting an address on a postcard or letter is actually contributing to a better and more interesting life for those around us.
     There is an exciting buzz at Do-Good because we jumped into a new office space in 2015, by far the most significant event that took place in 2015 for our business. Our space doubled from 4,000 to 8,000 sq feet, we added 2 new full-time staffers, and made a number of internal improvements. 

  Ali, Thad, Araceli, Mary, Maria, Randy, and Rogelio

We did all of this in anticipation of growth and a robust political year of mailings. We hope to be a big part of the political scene in 2016. Our web page is #1 on the Google search for mail services in the Twin Cities. We continue to help each person who contacts us with the same concern for their projects as we did when we were founded 14 years ago.
     I cannot imagine a better place to be in as we start the new year. All of us “Do-Gooders” wish each of you a wonderful 2016. May it surpass your expectations and bring you as much good fortune as possible.
     Thad Ludwiczak, CEO