Every year toward the end of January the post office has permission to raise postage rates, and every year the post office takes advantage of this opportunity.      The overall increase is not to exceed the rate of inflation but the increases may vary within the various categories of mail.      On January 26, [...]

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Postage increase 01/26/2020

On January 26, 2020 postage will increase for some first class and marketing (3rd class) mail. The average increase will be about 2%. The cost of a first class stamp will remain equal to the 2019 cost - 55¢. If you can get a bulk mailing completed before January 26, you will save a few [...]

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Tip: Letter folding

How you fold a letter will determine the final cost of your mailing project if you use a professional mail service. A "Z" or "Accordion" fold will cost you $60/1000 more than a "C" or "Letter" fold. That's because a "Z" fold cannot be inserted by machine. It must be inserted by hand. Keep that [...]

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Get the Postal Answers You Need

Do-Good.biz has created a new Facebook page called "Postal Answers" where you can submit questions you may have about postal issues you are having. It could be about problems with getting or sending your mail, postage rates, or how to design your mail piece. Once you get there, please "like" our page. It helps us [...]

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Do-Good 2015 – 2016

     So now it is over. 2015 has passed us by and we are beginning the new adventure of 2016. Was 2015 a good year? That depends, of course, on your perspective. Every year contains the events that bring us not only immense joy but also unfathomable sorrow. We can all point to them on [...]

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Spectacular One Time Savings of $5,000

It doesn't happen often but it happens. A job came to us that involved mailing out 3,000 chapbooks. These are books that are small enough to fit into a shirt or trouser pocket. They were to be inserted into a regular envelope along with a letter.   The real challenge was to see if there [...]

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Do-Good Makes Successful Move

WE ARE IN Do-Good.biz is now firmly planted in our new space at 1410 Energy Park Dr, Suite 9, Saint Paul, MN 55108. The move went as calmly and smoothly as we could have ever expected. Professional movers, joined by the Do-Gooders, loaded up a lot of boxes. We work with paper for a living [...]

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Do-Good Is Moving!

After 9 years in one building, our company is on the move. In 2002, we started in the basement of a Northeast Minneapolis office building on Stinson Blvd, occupying a couple of rooms in the basement. Three years later we upgraded to our current building at 2300 Kennedy St NE. We have lived in this [...]

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The Importance of Being Ernest

Today's note is not about the Oscar Wilde play written in the last few years of the 19th century. It is a directive for you to pay close attention to your timelines for your print/mail project. As a rule of thumb, I use the following guidelines; 4-5 days to print, 3 days to mail out, [...]

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Bad Addresses – How They Can Hurt You

Article By Thad for Satori - Link to Satori site. There are 2 major ways that mail delivery can be comprised with an incorrect address. Here we will talk about the first way. This has to do with the named individual not residing at the street address which is on the envelope or postcard. At [...]

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