After 9 years in one building, our company is on the move. In 2002, we started in the basement of a Northeast Minneapolis office building on Stinson Blvd, occupying a couple of rooms in the basement. Three years later we upgraded to our current building at 2300 Kennedy St NE. We have lived in this building for 9 years, expanding our space a couple of times within the building.

And now, it is once again necessary to part ways with the current space and move upward and onward. Our new space will be part production area, part office area. It will be located at 1410 Energy Park Drive #9, St Paul, MN 55108. We will be part of a larger building that will house multiple businesses, – an office park located virtually across from Bandana Square at the corner of Lexington Parkway and Energy Park Dr. We will double our space to almost 8,000 sq ft.

Some businesses struggle. Others thrive. I’d like to think we are closer to the “thriving” image. Although I started Do-Good late in life, I found that the need for the kinds of services we offered and the way we delivered those services were in great demand regardless of the age of the owner.

The basic philosophy that guided me when I did social work 40 years ago, guided me in the establishment of the business, i.e, treat people well and you yourself will be rewarded a hundred different ways. I added a certain knowledge and expertise to this idea and today we can point to a successful enterprise.

Beyond my individual effort, however, one must recognize the people who come to work here every day and totally dedicate themselves to the quality and integrity of the products we offer. Some of those people can be found in the photo below. They are the real heroes of Do-Good.

We want to thank all of you who have supported us, whether you are a newly acquired customer or have been with us for years. We recognize that there will be bumps in the “moving” road but are confident that we solve whatever problems that arise with the same coolness and competency that has allowed us to reach this point.

We invite all of you to stop by and say hello.