Do-Good.biz is now firmly planted in our new space at 1410 Energy Park Dr, Suite 9, Saint Paul, MN 55108. The move went as calmly and smoothly as we could have ever expected.

Professional movers, joined by the Do-Gooders, loaded up a lot of boxes. We work with paper for a living and paper is heavy. A workroom full of boxed paper makes for a long day of hauling!

In addition to these boxes was our equipment – inserters, addressers, paper cutters, meter machines, and printers. These all had their own challenges, mainly that most of them had to be connected to computers in order to work and the computers needed to have the proper cabling and access codes to our network.

Despite all the dust and set up, the Do-Good team worked magnificently. The very next day we were operating some of the machines and two days later almost all of our equipment was set up and in place. It was business as usual and our customers experienced no delays.

Many thanks to Paul and Bill of MEVCO Mailing for their expertise and hard work to set up the machinery. Kudos to TechGen for connecting all of the computers. High praise for the moving company, Two Men and a Truck, for going back and forth more than once to flawlessly transfer our goods.

There are still a few things to do, but we are all in great spirits knowing that we have found a good home for many years to come. This is a wonderful office/greeting place, with a separate conference room, individual walled offices, and a spacious production area. We anticipate further growth and a bright future.

After all, our name “Do-Good” commands us to move upward and onward to do great things. Thank you for your ongoing and caring support of our work!

Thad Ludwiczak, CEO
1410 Energy Park Dr Suite 9
Saint Paul MN 55108
(612) 789-7226